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 The Quiksilver Eddie Aikua Big Wave Invitational

 December 15, 2004 at Waimea Bay

 Haleiwa, Hawaii


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 An unidentified surfer takes a large wave in the first heat.


Competitors gather at Waimea Bay for a ceremonial Hawaiian blessing before Quiksilver’s Eddie Aikua Big Wave Invitational.

Competitors Daryl "Flea" Virotsko freefalls from the top of a towering wave.

Big-wave surfers and a bodyboarder slide down the face of a wave.

A surfer escapes an exploding whitewash.

Legendary surfer Ross Clark Jones tackles a 30-foot wave in the first heat.

Rusty Keaulana of Hawaii positions himself on a large wave in the first heat.

A surfer wipes out.

With another wave crashing in the foreground, a surfer rides down the face of another.

A surfer drops down the face of a wave.


A trio of surfers.

Two surfers in heat 1.

World surfing champion Andy Irons runs from the whitewash of a massive wave.

Rusty Keaulana attempts to dodge the crashing lip of a giant wave in the first heat.

An unidentified surfer prepares for the big drop.

Mark Healey (Top) and Bruce Irons both ride a massive wave.

Surfers compete.  Waves were estimated to have peaked at 40 feet on Oahu's North Shore..

Bruce Irons (Right) catches a large wave with two unidentified competitors.

Bruce Irons catches a successfully rides the winning wave on the competition.

Bruce Irons plays up to the spectators by catching a 'small' wave in the shore break.

Bruce Irons, 24, younger brother of world champion Andy Irons, holds up his $55,000 check for riding the single best wave at The Eddie Aikua Big Wave Invitational in Hawaii.